Our Story

Sophisticated simplicity

Our mission is to create products that lace you with elegance and simplicity. We believe that less is more so our design philosophy is to place the simplicity above all else. It is not a lazy simplicity but a sophisticated one that emphasize beauty and comfort at one go. Each Emmoi garment is handmade with care and attention to detail to make you feel your best. 

If a woman feels confident and comfortable in her undergarments, it can change the way she acts in the world. We embrace all that is you and would love to make you feel confident and comfortable while getting dressed and undressed.

Consciously created

We admit that we are not yet completely sustainable. But we take steps every day towards our aim of producing and delivering consciously. 

Every Emmoi design is produced with a limited of quantity to reduce waste generation. Thanks to that we can not only save environment but also have more time to focus on quality. We mostly use good quality materials made from less harmful chemicals and dyes. They are good for both the people who wear them and the environment.

Because of you

Especially, we know that undergarments should be changed frequently so you may be hesitant on spending much money on them. To give you the best product experience with affordable price, we always try to reduce unnecessary costs.

As you may know, 7-8% of a fashion company's total revenue usually goes to the marketing budget. In the early days of a startup like us, we may need to set aside as much as 15–20% of our budget for marketing costs, like paid Google ads and social media. However, we understand that there is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer. 

At Emmoi, our priorities are you, your products and our community. We will try to cut a half of advertising cost and spend it on developing products, improving customer satisfaction and contributing into social responsibility. We believe you, our beloved customers are the one who can bring us come closer to other customers. Learn more our Customer Referral Program here.

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